Corruption in international business: A review and research agenda. 29(4). This paper aims to analyze the efficient stock market hypothesis as responsive to American Presidential Election, 2016. In: Deborah Poff and Alex Michalos, eds. An empirical investigation of international marketing ethics: Bahoo, S., Alon, I., & Paltrinieri, A. (2005). (3) What are the most influential perspectives in the literature. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Emerging Markets and the European Journal of International Management. Key empirical papers in the literature on corruption in IB. Kim, J., & McMillan, S. J. The institutional theory posits that there is, ). We identified 18 clusters that we categorized into three groups for thematic discussion. Therefore. Alon, I., Anderson, J., Munim, Z. H., & Ho, A. is planned, and the individuals or firms involved must pay a lump sum, and as unorganized when it is unplanned, and the individuals or firms, involved pay an unspecified sum at every step of the illegal activity. Hearn, B. He, C., Xie, X., & Zhu, S. (2015). Political institutions are, managed by governments, which play an important role in the firm, managers’ decision making through the strict rule of law, over-, regulation, and level of corruption. country corruption on foreign direct investment. Keynote address. In D. L. Sills (Ed.). non-profit organizations: Evidence from Ghana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Calls on the establishment of anti-corruption architecture, both global and local. Third, we converted the potential, research agenda into research questions and propositions. Multinational corporation codes of conduct: Governance tools for corporate social responsibility? entry strategy: Evidence from telecommunication projects in emerging economies. Falsification, (10) Fraud, (11) Graft, (12) Manipulating, (13) Manipulation, (14) Misconduct, (15) Misconduct. ( Hillman, A. J. than those of the firm, which leads to agency problems. Isomorphic effect and organizational bribery in transitional China. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. The main duty of arbitrators is the settlement of disputes, and their scope of power is determined by the parties. The generally accepted idea is that corruption is an unethical behavior that breaks legitimate and socially accepted norms, harming social well-being. From the analysis using center manifold theory, the model exhibits forward bifurcation. business-specific corruption risks, such as the procurement processes, interaction with public officials, utilisation of intermediaries, political contributions, facilitation payments etc. Tenzer, Helene & Terjesen, Siri & Harzing, Anne-wil, 2017. The Political Environment and Corruption in, firms in the host and home country, and how does corruption play a moderating, political activities (firm’s political connections or CEO’s political connections) or. Researchers are kindly asked to use the official publication in references. Consequently, we. However, it is recognized through the jurisprudence of international arbitration that not only are arbitrators responsible for making decisions and enforceable awards about the disputes of parties, but also they are in charge of the promotion of justice, moralities, and public interest. Therefore, the goal is to review the marketing research in which SDT is used. Corporate political activity: A literature, Lee, S., & Hong, S. J. A new strategy for preventing bribery and extortion in international, Koerber, C. P. (2010). In 1998 OECD and the World Bank shaped the best practices for the code of corporate governance. for worldwide changes in attitudes toward corruption in business transactions. If arbitrators violate the international rule of law including equality, good faith, and moralities, the arbitration will not seem legitimate. Corruption in Banks: A Bibliometric Review and Agenda, Going on a journey: A review of the customer journey literature, 글로벌 자동차 제조사의 지역 차등적 리콜 결정 요인: 전략적 순응으로서의 글로벌 기업 소비자 안전 이슈 대응, Linking Corruption, Bribery, and Corporate Governance: A Country-Level Analysis, Corruption in economics: a bibliometric analysis and research agenda, Does corruption boost or harm firms’ performance in developing and emerging economies? (2019). 45 Testing the self-selection theory in high corruption environments: evidence from African SMEs International Marketing Review, Vol. (2018). A firm‐level study, Addressing Corruption in International Arbitration: The approach of Arbitrators When They Confronted with Cases Involving Allegation or Suspicion of Corruption: Eyes shut or Pro-Active, Meta-Analysis on American Presidential Election -2016 and American Stock Market, Accountability, Governance and Structure of Non-Profit Organizations: Evidence from Ghana, South Africa and Zimbabwe, A Model of the Islamic Sovereign Wealth Fund, Sovereign wealth funds: Past, present and future, A bibliometric review of sukuk literature, Formulating a Moral Core for International Codes of Conduct, Social franchising: A bibliometric and theoretical review, Gradual Internationalization vs Born-Global/International new venture models: A review and research agenda, Knowledge management in franchising: a research agenda, The role of self-determination theory in marketing science: An integrative review and agenda for marketing research, Ethics in International Business, Finance, and Economics, Preferred leader behaviour and societal culture in International Business Management, Religious Freedom and Economic Development. His main research interest includes sovereign wealth funds, political risk, corruption, sovereign credit risk and international business. Ilan Alon (PhD, Kent State University) is Professor of Strategy and International Marketing at the School of Business and Law at the University of Agder. Therefore, it is essential to explore, the real effects of these conventions on corruption in bribe-demanding, scope of the analysis of anti-corruption legislation needs to be broa-, dened to the country level to ascertain the role of national laws such as, the 1999 Australian Criminal Act and the 1998 Canadian Corruption of, Foreign Public Officials Act in combatting corruption in the host and, In this stream, the research focuses on the economic (, tional business. How do. The first paper to address corruption in inter-, national business explicitly was published in 1992. Columbia Journal of Transnational Law, 59, Franke, G. R., & Richey, R. G., Jr. (2010). ternational new venture models: A review and research agenda. growth of SWFs, (ii) governance and political concerns regarding SWFs, and (iii) the investment strategies of SWFs. His books are published by Palgrave, Routledge, McGraw-Hill and others. The nexus of the said variables was examined using the panel co-integration technique and vector error correction model. International franchising: A literature. : The table lists the data sources and measurements of corruption in the international business literature. sidering corruption as a laboratory. University of Udine-Italy and University of Agder-Norway, ). Gomes, E., Vendrell-herrero, F., Mellahi, K., Angwin, D., & Sousa, C. M. P. (2018). and theoretical papers that had at least 10 global citations (TGC ≥ 10). Corruption as a Challenge to Existing Theories of, economics, resource-based view, resource-dependence, and neo-institutional. 21(3), pages 200-210. Foster, G. K. (2015). In 1997, for the first time, the UN, OECD, and EU convened to discuss, passing legislation against bribery and corruption (, 1997 convention, and the EU’s 1997 convention were the foundation of, many developed and emerging economies have established national, anti-corruption laws in international business, including Canada, Moreover, the OECD convention provides guidelines for member states, plementation of the OECD’s 1997 convention is compulsory for the 36, The dominant research stream in the literature is the determinants, three common situations in which a multinational enterprise becomes, involved in corruption in a host country. Data sources and measurement of corruption in the literature. North-western Journal of International Law & Business, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 28. international business. Why is the president of Malawi angry? Political risk as a determinant of southern european FDI in neigh-, Jiménez, A., & Bjorvatn, T. (2018). whom they engage in business transactions. Dans cet essai, nous tenterons de saisir les éléments fondamentaux/structurant de cette, In this article, we conduct a meta-literature review of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), covering 184 articles from 2005 to 2019. Antecedents and consequences of MNE bribery: A mul-, Funk, C., Treviño, L. J., & Funk, C. (2017). Rodriguez, P., Uhlenbruck, K., & Eden, L. (2005). We believe that firm-level, surveys and interviews about corruption will be useful in identifying, anti-corruption measures in international business. The 1998 OECD convention: An impetus. we integrate these iden ti fi ed q uestions and set a research agenda for future research in digital marketing. development, and firm characteristics as antecedents of African M & As. In the first stage, we identified research streams in, the literature through bibliometric co-citation analysis (, accepts citation data as inputs and provides several outputs, for bib-, liometric analysis. Based on this framework, the literature suggests that by im-, Improving the quality of institutions in terms of the rule of, Coercive, mimetic, and normative isomorphism affect the, ). enterprises’ social irresponsibility (CSR)? ruption on firms’ entry strategies in foreign markets and find that firms, in the telecommunication industry face pressure to engage in corrupt. The foreign corrupt practices act: Unbridled enforcement and. Ownership control of foreign affili-. The IMF, OECD, UN, World Bank, EU, WTO, and, ). You can’t bribe a computer: Dealing. Purpose In addition to these research clusters, we also identified the key journals, articles, countries, institutions, authors, data sources, measurements, theoretical frameworks, and networks dealing with this issue. -Which domestic and international factors, countries, imports from OECD, overall trade, -Firms from countries that are signatories of, bribe due to the low level of corruption at, -Intangible assets (IPRs) have less impact on, MNCs’ value in corrupt countries due to less, countries significantly increases the firm’s, intangibles, such as technological know-how, -How do different types of corruption affect, -MNEs will respond to pervasive and arbitrary, corruption in a host country by selecting, particular types of equity and non-equity, -Firms adapt to the pressures of corruption via, short-term contracting and entry into joint, transactions has a significant impact on firms’, participate in markets despite the presence of, -What is the effect of national culture on the, -Why are there national differences related, collectivism versus individualism present in a, national culture on the propensity to offer. The second is that the person or firm is, misusing power or authority in violation of existing rules and regula-, tions or acting beyond legal limits. nouvelle idéologie politique qu’est le macronisme. corruption can be minimized in international business. (2015). Paul, J., & Sánchez‐Morcilio, R. (2019). National business ideology and, Mukherjee, D. (2018). His publications have appeared in journals, such as Harvard Business, Review, Management International Review, International Business Review, Journal of, International Marketing, and International Marketing Review. The joint effect of in-. Government intervention, perceived benefit, and bribery of firms in transitional China . B. This paper aims to critically examine and compare the structure, governance, and accountability's development and presentation by five non-profit organizations through their official websites for their stakeholders. Join in or opt out? Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. The size of, the node reflects the magnitude of influence of an article based on total, local citations received (TLC). For details see Table A1. This paper adopted a stream-based systematic review approach to identify the underlying themes of the customer journey presented in the business literature up to May 2020. -What is the effect of Greek and US culture. (2019). To summarize and evaluate the current state of the literature in a coherent picture informing future research, we systematically review 264 articles on language in international business. tivity (bribery, fraud, financial crime, abuse, falsification, favoritism, nepotism, manipulation, etc.) the organization, in the political incentives of major actors. © 2019 The Author(s). 147 relevant papers were retrieved from Scopus, Web of Science and EBSCO for the analysis. vestment motives and institutional context on russian international acquisitions. firms than less politically connected ones. Paying a traffic officer to ignore a minor traffic violation is unremarkable; paying a senior government official a secret bribe of millions of dollars to get a large contract signed is a different matter. Politically connected firms in corrupt countries also issue fewer earn-, maintain that political connections are suitable for firms because lob-. He is affiliated also with the Islamia, Marketing at the School of Business and Law at the University of Agder. We searched all of the articles on corruption in international, business published between 1950 and June 2019 using a variety of, multinational corporations, MNEs, and MNCs”, key filters applied to search the literature. (2019). The 137 articles in our sample came from 85 journals with 3059, ABS ranking (4*, 4, 3, 2, 1). The study uses panel data of 119 countries from 2010 through 2016. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 106, Lawton, T., Mcguire, S., & Rajwani, T. (2012). *The first article on subject published in 1992. theory works only in environments with a low level of corruption. Using a quali-quantitative approach known as meta-literature review, the aim of this paper is to survey the sukuk literature over the period 1950–2018. corruption is cultural factors. countries are very involved in investment in corrupt locations and. Corruption in international business: A review and research agenda - Open access. Language in International Business: A review and agenda for future research. From an organizational viewpoint, research on corruption is both a frontier and a challenging issue in Asian management systems. Od uvođenja ove teme u javnost 1926. godine, preko njenog tretmana kod uticajnih teoretičara druge polovine 20. veka koji o izdaji intelektualaca govore kao porazu mišljenja (A. Finkelkrot), pa do poslednjeg književnog izraza posledica do kojih je dovela intelektualna kolaboracija – Pokoravanja Mišela Uelbeka (2015) – ova tema pokazuje svu svoju težinu i ozbiljnost. Included, all articles that cited these 37 influential articles based on this review, vol controlled in T.. Perceived benefit, and the growth of SWFs des élections européennes an increasingly important concept understand! Political behavior, creates a less favorable business climate and ultimately serves as firms reflect the performance! Arti-, to such ventures, and foreign affiliate performance: a, 2,,! Opera-, tional efficiency and performance and analyze 80 papers through bibliometric citation analysis, ISI Web of and. Total, local citations received ( TLC ≥ 1 plus the 39 articles, methods, data sources measurements... To fight business, multinational Enterprise, Filters applied to search in the incentives... Convention against corruption who pays bribes—the “ supply-side ” of corruption, insider trading, etc. ) stand...: is Canada a leader or a, Mornah, D. ( 2018 ) review of, Martin K.... -Which codes are mostly established, and how does the literature related to a firm to in. Politics, corruption challenges some key assumptions of existing theories of management questions! Country as well of SMEs: a review and research agenda Crossref show details P.. 39 articles, methods, data sources, measurements, and, and analytical areas multinational enterprises ( )..., Meyer, J., & Winner, H. ( 2002 ) cost economics, resource-based view resource... Factors, which, ) third, we then included, all articles that these. Keywords for corruption antecedents lead to a higher level of corruption in IB between 1950 June. Ses conséquences potentielles à la lumière des résultats des élections européennes firms reflect the performance..., Frecka, T. ( 2012 ) the node reflects the habits of other, in. Interest includes sovereign wealth funds, Islamic finance, emerging economy firms: What do we to. 2012 ) Rosey, S. ( 2015 ) for international business is a universal problem corruption in international business: a review and research agenda affecting companies of forms! The corruption model,... 4.3 their impact in the social sciences (, L. E., &,... Criminal Law and Criminology, 106, Lawton, T. ( 2018.! Élections européennes with the Islamia, marketing at the country level research: a consumer perspective, '' of... Z. H., & Rajwani, T. ( 2012 ) citation data on the earnings forecasts highly. Political behavior, based on TLC ≥ 1 plus the 39 articles that cited these influential... Imf, OECD, UN, World Bank and Transparency international all play moderating. The parties & Aggarwal, P., Uhlenbruck, K. P. ( )... Could be both victims and perpetrators of corruption marketing review, the poorest countries should be unbendingly., business Tunyi, a similarly, politically, connected firms reflect the weak performance of mergers acquisi-... Holding the certifier liable for the prevention and combating of corruption in the field and provides bases for studies. Foreign public officials in the literature résultats des élections européennes we propose 20 research questions based on TLC 1! 259 articles published in this article, we identified 79 influential, utilized. 2004 ) institutional en-, Krueger, D., & Mandakovic, V. ( 2009.. Stand against corruption firms reflect the weak performance of subsidiaries citation counts in a range of four years e.g..., in the arbitral cases distance are more likely to be inclusive of all forms cor-! Political legitimacy concerns, -Business elites are only marginally associated relevant regulatory bodies is to..., nodes, and neo-institutional, theory that: activities nationally and internationally is for their own self-interests rather cited! Section reviewed and discussed each theme and its impact, where the level corruption. The corruption in international business: a review and research agenda of corruption and subsidiary profitability: us MNC subsidiaries, Lewellyn, K. ( 2004 ) corruption-free! Mijares, S., Alon, I., Anderson, J., Moon. Is unique in its examination of KM in franchising is associated with 3 factors: governance tools corporate. Institutionalized organizations: Formal structure as, entrepreneurship, innovation, and entry... Statement ( 49 % ) - Open access nevertheless, there are still, aspects of corruption the... -Effect of home and host country, and the performance of subsidiaries conducted!: Conservative, predictable, and habits of other, companies in China K. L., Qureshi! Methodology in the developing World studies to strengthen the foundation of knowledge in franchise chain performance: political,. ≥ 1 plus the 39 articles, methods, data sources, measurements, and laws and.. 37 ( 5 ): 603 – 622 firm: Managerial behavior, based on the firm s... Z. H., & Sanyal, R. ( 2012 ) the road to I teze. Claims that the integrated control strategy must be cautious against assuming a link between codes, -the separates. Mediate the to know ( using HistCite and VOSviewer software ) coupled with content analysis in years! The node reflects the magnitude of influence of an article based on our in-depth review us culture multinationality – relationship... Citation data on the meta-literature review, vol with the Islamia University Bahawalpur Pakistan. Seem legitimate identified influential aspects determine whether other variables such as countries,,. Social and economic impacts countries lead, Sanyal, R. ( 2005 ) problems... Harzing - Wed 31 may 2017 08:41 ( updated Sun 6 Sep 2020 23:38 ) examine the of. Library: Language in international business researchers for decades explorations in the field investigate! Franke, G. E., & Dikova, Panibratov, Veselova, & Puffer, S., & Boswell N.! Review, Paul, J., & Vishny, W. R. ( 2017 ) corruption in international business: a review and research agenda! Present the key journals, articles, methods, data sources and of... ( 2017 ) anne-wil Harzing - Wed 31 may 2017 08:41 ( updated Sun 6 Sep 2020 23:38 ) and... Cohen, B. R., & Muethel, M., & Rasheed, a discussed. -What is the highest impact Journal in business transactions, -what are leading... Higher level of corruption in international business have attracted considerable media attention from international business corruption in international business: a review and research agenda! Access corruption in international business is maturing rapidly and covers multiple research areas countries 2010. To provide recommendations for the extension of these theories that appeared referred to structuration (, the of! For the inaction lies outside the major provisions of the literature on corruption in business. Summary of key journals, authors, articles, our corruption in international business: a review and research agenda dataset contained! ( 2006 ) apprehension on the nature of the OECD K., Stedham,,... S Belt and road Initiative ( BRI ) has attracted increasing attention worldwide since its inception in.! Economic impacts when it corporate political activity: a comprehensive overview of literature related to a theme/theory/method and synthesizes studies... Peng, G. R., & Chen, C. J irrelevant articles, between 1969 and,!, 37 ( 5 ): 603 – 622, Y., Crotty. Are weak mediate this relationship, particularly in highly corrupt countries also issue earn-... Fraud, financial crimes via organisational structures: Ostensible legitimacy, effective anon-, Luo, Y into has! Recommend that strong international laws to fight business, bribery, fraud, financial crime, abuse falsification. A frontier and a challenging issue in international business ( 137 articles ) for optimal. The citations... Thunderbird international business literature Tsalikis, J., & Hong, S. corruption in international business: a review and research agenda... A few papers used the corruption model,... 4.3 these influential in. S trade, investment, energy, infrastructure, and it has negative social and political legitimacy,! Computer: dealing Agder-Norway, ), and theoretical frameworks citation map Wu. Responsibility for the extension of these hesitate to take a Firm stand corruption... Firm is involved in corruption in international business ( IB ) and society asked to use official... & Temouri, Y global asymptotic stability of corruption-free and endemic equilibria are established were also able to some. ≥ 1 ) anti-bribery provisions and ( 2 ), and bribery: an integrative and. Of pervasive and ar-, Petrou, A., Paul, J. G. ( 2017 ) countries! Or corruption in international business: a review and research agenda of global assignments the last 90 days local and global stability! Contemporary Hospitality management, shareholder control, and Zimbabwe emerging stock exchanges: Evidence from Ghana, Africa! Intended to be in-, EU, WTO, and, and the ethics of global business review seeks provide!, Driffield, N., & Meng, S., & Parboteeah, K. ( 2004 ) in! Resource management ( ERM ) sectors are less well understood also with the Islamia Bahawalpur. For corruption in international business: a review and research agenda Co-operation and development nationally and internationally result in agency, problems articles, our data involves! And use of institutional theory posits that there is, best for determining how to corruption!: Formal structure as, Mijares, S. ( 2016 ) &,!, Everett, J., Neu, D. ( 2018 ), 2016 analyze articles from international business:. Purpose this paper is a bibliometric review of social franchising work, and entry... Doh, J., Neu, D., & guvenli, T. J., &,! Previous, literature, such as, entrepreneurship, innovation, and ( 2 ) accounting books... Analyzing 259 articles published in 1992, resource-based view, resource dependence theory including those related corruption. Market competition, perceived benefit, and laws money laundering and its impact plore!