To narrow down your search, use the filters. Forums Publications Travel/Tours Long the 'Knights of the Sky', military aircraft received their baptism of fire during World War 1 (1914-1918), a war which saw a continuous evolution of the species into evermore lethal fighting machines - fighters, bombers, raiders, interceptors, and the like.Far from hitting their ceiling, the aircraft continues to evolve along multiple avenues, culminating in the modern pilot-less … GPS/Tech. Civil aviation database with 800,000 photos and information on 45,000 aircraft No longer do you need to rifle through out of date fleet listing books with a pen to mark them off. Miscellaneous Photographer. Full coverage of civil and military aircraft worldwide – from balloons and microlights to bombers. Search for an aircraft. Avionics Airworthiness, Expanded Search: search for Multiple N-number Registrations (up to 100), Serial Number Search: search for Multiple Serial Numbers (up to 100), Owner Search: Returns Multiple Matches (up to 100), Multiple Field Registration Search: Returns Multiple (up to 100) matches using a combined query. U.S. Department of Transportation. Use this lookup when searching for specific aircraft model, If you enter information into the "Registration", "Serial Number", "Aircraft Type/Name" fields or "ICAO Aircraft Type Designator" fields, … GA The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is working closely with federal, state, and local officials to slow the spread of COVID-19.To reduce the exposure of the virus, the Civil Aviation Registry has temporarily discontinued walk-in … Flight, Aviation Week) and aircraft data books (e.g. Classifieds U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20591 (866) tell-FAA ((866) 835-5322) //-->. 2018-09-28 Transport Canada Transport Aircraft Mark Aircraft Mark Registration Mark Air Operators Register Aircraft Register Transport Canada Civil Aviation Transport Transportation Civil Aircraft … You will find performance information on almost any general aviation aircraft that has been in production in the past 40 years. Reports There are accident reports, ranging from a paragraph to a several page report, located in each month of the minutes. Airlines ... UK Civil Aviation Authority launches consultation on Gatwick Airport Limited’s commitments 22 October, 2020 . Aircraft/Parts Search for aircraft on the G-INFO database. We are constantly gathering new data and expanding our database. AirTransport/ FBOs Financing 388 civil aircraft in use or under development are currently included with many more to come. Images Add. Construction Number. Safety. Search (Fokker America, for Dutch aircraft see Fokker), (for earlier designs see Savoia-Marchetti), Slick Aircraft Slick 360 single-seat aerobatics aircraft, For a listing of civil and military aircraft without descriptions, see. A/C-Services Medical Srvcs google_ad_height = 15; Civil Aircraft Register Database This file contains the current mark, aircraft and owner information of all Canadian civil registered aircraft. The Aircraft Database download is available in E xcel, csv or sql format s to make sure you can choose the most functional option for you. LANDINGS.COM Copyright © 1994-2011  Explicit permission required for any duplication or usage. Civil Database. Var-Services Organizations /* dirLink-468x15 */ Jan 17 ... Aviation Photo Search Engine Search Basic Advanced Keywords. Information for each aircraft include: 1. owner/registration holder 2. registered operator 3. registration marks 4. aircraft manufacturer 5. aircraft model 6. aircraft serial number 7. number of engines 8. other details. GA-News Aircraft Technical Data & Specifications Welcome to our extensive Aircraft Data and History section. Your search returned 15762 results. : Construction Number Search: Returns Multiple Serial Numbers (up to 100). Returns Multiple Matches (up to 100). Basic Search: Search the C6-Number Database for a Single Registration (quickest). Parachute Registration PH-BUA, PH-BU*, PH-B*. Ultralights Janes All The World's Aircraft). Welcome to the Scramble civil aircraft database! You can also reach the database through the API services we provide. FBOs Museums Helicopters Airports Aircraft registration numbers are assigned by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which requires that all aircraft flying internationally display unique assigned registration markings.ICAO Annex 7 contains standards adopted by ICAO as the minimum requirements for the display of marks to indicate appropriate … Parts Paragliding Events/Airshows, Search/Ref Aircraft Database (Codes): Returns Multiple Matches (up to 100). Var-Products Mods/Restor. Hints: Click on the link called "Szolg スltat スsok" at the top and then "lajstromlista" on the left and then enter registration and click "keres" to Enter. Use this lookup when searching for specific aircraft model, lookup the codes, then use the codes as input for the "Multiple Field" search … Registration PH-BUA, PH-BU*, PH-B* Operator. Training 800 Independence Avenue, SW. Washington, DC 20591 (866) TELL-FAA | (866) 835-5322 By having the registration number of the aircraft, you are just a “click” away from obtaining detailed information about the aircraft. google_ad_slot = "9314942969"; Download a copy now. Explanatory Notes. Safety,