My family and I – three of us – were allocated the last row just before the toilets in an A380 aircraft. I am a krisflyer gold member since 2010, for this incident there is no attempt to inform me the actual situation and I missed the chance to change to an early flight. Toll Free Number / Customer Care Number: +65 1800 2244243 (From Singapore) Singapore Airlines City wise Contact Details. … If only the check in officer had listened to us, this entire debacle, stress could have been well avoided and I would have travelled with my family as per the plan. over-packed) – It was 22-24 KGS and it was not over packed as the allowance was 30 kgs They were very good and looked after me. The Singapore agent said he would speak to the finance department and get back to us. Singapore Airlines: Don't dare complain - See 25,093 traveler reviews, 8,503 candid photos, and great deals for Singapore Airlines, at Tripadvisor. I then proceeded in filing for another pre-arrival form. Of course, there is not enough money available on my card now for them to take out for another fare and Barclay card stopped the extra payment for that reason. I have told that I will get them in next day at my home in Tasmania from staff in Melbourne airport, however it’s been 4 days since and no one know where the luggage is. SIA does not deserve any award or recognition Executive Contacts. I am a Gold member of Krisflyer. I could not believe that SIA standard has dropped to this level. • Wrong luggage delivered to King Perth hotel 31st Jan The image wasn’t very clear. They are cheating customers, I have now read several negative reveiws on various websites, including facebook from disgruntled customers who have been cheated by them. You are about to log out from corporate booking account.Do you want to continue? Purchased Premium economy seats for our Golden wedding, downgraded to economy as we But suddenly changed her mind saying we need a clear image. For any Feedback / Suggestions / Complaints, please email at [email protected] or Click here. I was originally so excited when I booked my flight and told family/friends that I will finally cross off my bucketlist. The first person who answered my call at Krisflyer ( Shazana) . I left my office taking the onward journey ticket and was sure that my manager had booked the return ticket for Sunday. I could have booked instantly and travelled today but staff Rocky Gupta never gave me the chance to travel. But I never seen any distriction on their terms & conditions. A frantic customer concerned for her sister’s wellbeing is rational behaviour, and I don’t believe my sister was irrationally conversing with Alex. As I looked around the cabin i could not see anyone who had been able to achieve this – most giving up entirely and others with just the calf support extended in a truly uncomfortable position. I had checked-in baggage of 42.50 Kilos, and for an excess of 2.50 Kgs only I was asked if I could take out the excess baggage and carry it in my hand baggage or pay an excess baggage charge for 2.50 Kgs, I regularly travel the world over ( generally in business class ) and in my entire life I have never been hassled over 2.50 Kgs when travelling ( even when I travel occasionally on Economy class ). Booking ref 8kibtr. Next time, I will look for a reliable airline. This passport was issued in HK and we were HK residents (even my HKID reflects Ratna as given name and shankar as surname). Its now been 1 week, I went to doctors today to seek a checkup. We booked a return flight to Penang via Singapore Airlines. My understanding is to change the date max $50 per passenger should be charged and any differential fare if same class is not available. The purse that contained goldjwellery was empty. However, our return fight from HK yesterday was disappointing.SQ 891 1) the Check in was horrible. Later when the authorities delivered the lagguage at home her valuables were missing. In fact, it was the worst flight I have ever had on any airline. Below are some useful contact details for your information: Emergency Medical Assistance Hotline, For emergency assistance, please call 24-hour Emergency Assistance Hotline at, For insurance-related enquiries, or changes to your policy, please email TATA-AIG at; or call TATA-AIG 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at Toll Free No. This first conversation was when Cliff informed me to submit the MC and when they verified the MC, I only had to pay $6.28. 6. To top this off, my family had already left home for Penang to fetch me from the airport. Flight Singapore-Manila delayed due *technical error*, no effort made to get us on destination in time, they just expect us to be ok with 1hr delay (30% of total flight time extra) because they don’t maintain planes in time. Your customer service disappointed me, and continued to spiral me into disappointment at every step of my doubled in time journey. I am very upset, disappointed, and very sad that what I had planned for my honeymoon is now changed so much. The breakfast meal service was akin to the rest of the experience. For insurance-related enquiries, changes to your policy or questions about your claims, please e-mail us at or call our Customer Service Hotline at 0800 124 8888 from Monday-Friday 8.30AM-5PM. Totally unacceptable. My flight bookings are done by my finance manager and I was supposed to return on Sunday. Athens Aegean staff ignored this policy and insisted that their policy took © 2020 Singapore Airlines. We booked a month early and checked in 36 hours esrly Singapore Airlines failed us – We haven’t even boarded the plane yet! And this is the main reason for me to rush back to Singapore. We rushed over there unfortunately the plane took off without us. After the first meal service, the cabin lights were dimmed but a bright fluorescent light in the nearby galley blazed its bright penetrating light over drawn curtains into the back of the plane, making sleeping difficult for many. Suddenly we got their email on September 17 said name mismatched & wanted me to submit required document. My co-worker and I bought 2 tickets going from Shanghai PVG to Singapore on November-01-2016 and return from Singapore to Shanghai on November-06. We need to book flights which are quickly booking out (had to change flight plans 3 times now while awaiting resolution) and flights will book put. Not even sitting together with my husband anymore They don’t even deserve one star. Her lagguage didnt arrive with her and was delayed bu two days. What do I do if I disagree with the claims decision made?Please contact the local insurance company mentioned in the policy wording.5. You will then need to fax or mail the claim form with the additional documentation needed. The leg room in my middle of three seats was so restricted that intense pain developed in my right leg. I had a connecting flight from Singapore to Penang booked, which initially included a 3 hour layover. Anyway, we are unable to travel until the next day meaning that we are losing a full day of our holiday. 1. It caused me waiting for my luggages at Jakarta Airport for 40 minutes. As I was freaking out, I called my sister and she requested to speak directly to the SIA staff (named Alex), she was trying to discuss the best option available and express her disappointment in SIA, Alex told his colleague that “she was yelling” over the phone. We e booked our flight chennai to Seattle directly from Singapore airlines . It was my return flight from Shanghai to Singapore on above mentioned date & flight that due to departure at 14:30hr but the flight was delayed without any information on when we can depart. How to file an insurance claim i flew out to London from Singapore on business class, my ticket was from Singapore to Dublin which was later changed to London. As a result, I was late for the today 8 am meeting in Singapore. The program reported more than $1 billion has been spend on its design, development, installation and staff training. precedence as we were flying with them first. The whole experience left us angry and disappointed. The following day, I rang Singapore Airlines and of course, it was answered by a call centre staff in Cebu, Phillippines. Is this the type of service that first class/business passengers deserve? It was inedible. We hope we get better service on our return flights to Sydney on 23 January 2018. United Club℠ Email United Club View more contact options. With Aegean and Air NZ later taking on legs of the journey. Yesterday my husband and I converted our virgin points over to krisflyer miles to book an airfare with Singapore. The destinations covered include major cities in Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, US and Vietnam. This insurance product is underwritten by TATA AIG General Insurance Company Ltd. Reg off: Peninsula Business park Tower A 15th floor, G.K Marg lower parel Mumbai 400013. She did mentioned that I will have to pay the penalty charges of $800 to make a date change which is absolutely ridiculous. The ground crew mentioned that they have informed their superior and was waiting for next instruction. My parents initial scheduled departure from SFO-CCU was on 11/29 via Singapore and without even taking my permission I have received an email from your Kolkata Airport Office on 06/16 stating that it has been changed to 11/30 which is not the right approach. throughout. Instead of compensating us, SIA can only cancel our flight and refund full cost to us. United Signature Service℠ View contact options. Our aim at ConsumerBoard is to have your concerns, complaints and feedback heard and addressed through the right channel. It’s not the world’s best airline from my reading nor through a recent trip in economy from Singapore to Sydney. Can I lodge a claim if Singapore Airlines has cancelled my flight?No, Travel Insurance does not cover a claim if the airline cancels the flight. Response from staff was poor and I left the lounge to buy burn cream from the Chemist in the terminal. I was told that Daniel was on leave and insisted as if my nuisances / issues which I raised was rubbish. Despite showing all my other IDs reflecting my name as Ratna the check in officer insisted on having the name exactly as per the passport. I chased and chased Singapore airlines’ offices for my luggage but nobody helped. Also we are okay with dairy products, onion, garlic,so it is not a necessity for us to choose jain meal. The supervisor at Kolkata airport refused to let me board the flight due to no return ticket from Singapore and gave me no option to book ticket at the spot paying in cash / card. Why is it that I, as a customer could identify an issue but you can’t ? We are doing work that matters - connecting customers with businesses around the world and help them resolve issues and be heard. I am now back home in Dubai, having found the link myself, with a printed copy in hand. This is totally unaccepted in my opinion but we have to take this opinion because we cannot take the new flight time because our trekking group would have been gone by the time we arrived. E mail ID for bookings on Mobile : ConsumerBoard is your trusted platform to share complaints, feedback, reviews and ratings. I’m now thinking what a dope I must be to try before you buy and put faith in a name brand. On my departure from the Philippines, I was approached by an airline staff and bribed with money for my lost luggage, which I did not accept. The fault is not even mine and I had to pay 300USD for cancelation charges for the 1st booking. I travelled from New Delhi to Melbourne (New Delhi to Singapore – SQ403 and Singapore to Melbourne-SQ207). I’m please to say that not one member of the cabin crew was bothered by me in any way, whether I was sitting or standing. We are in the middle of a nightmare trying to get my ticket. Please refer below to the original feedback/complaint that was submitted: “This is with extreme disappointment and sadness, I wish to inform that my parents travelled from Melbourne to Kolkata (via Singapore) on Saturday, the 4th of August, 2018. Not only did Singapore not contact me about the flight change, Singapore airlines did not refund my points for involuntarily changing my flight to business, and when I called customer service they couldn’t do anything to make me feel better or feel compensated for this very stressful inconvenience. 020 8745 2701 or 07834 621679, or email: To track the delivery of baggage please contact City Bags: 020 8636 4207 or 020 8636 4211, or email: To check baggage allowance please visit website or or contact Reservations: 020 8961 6933 I will escalate this matter until I get an apology as I wasted so many phone calls over 7 days, nervous breakdown in the airport , my baby girl was cranky by the end of it. The return leg of the journey could not be availed as after March flights were cancelled due to Covid. I want a full explanation and you know what, throughout all this, the most helpful was the ground staff in melbourne and virgin airlines In Hobart but otherwise, this has really created a lot anxiety. she: you should every half hourly go to the information screen to check on your flight I am ready to pay reasonable fare for data change however I am surprised that your customer service agent is asking me to pay $800 for 2 passenges for date change which is more than the fare for SIN-CCU sector and which does not make any sense. I asked her a simple question Without my prior approval how did you change my parents flight from 11/29 to 11/30, likewise I should be compensated by Singapore Airlines. “. He has reserved the booking with REF: W88QCU pending approval from your end. Also, I was informed that SQ833 should be arriving soon and it should be able to arrive to Singapore early than the midnight flight. However my passport has given name as Ratna Shankar and the surname is (Blank). I am super furious, i have spent over 2 hundred euro calling your incompetent customer service and everytime they keep putting me on hold till i hung up. I had to do this through my phone as I was in the check in counter. I am travelling New Delhi to Singapore by your flight no SQ 403 on 5th March 2017 and returning by your flight no SQ 406 on 8th March 2017. ... We take a customer-oriented approach to dealing with customer complaints. I am having the return booking for New Delhi with my wife on 15th of October 2016 by SQ 208-SQ402. And very disappointing at that. But this incident was a shock to them. SIA should really take a look at its customer service, if it even has any. I straight away rang and requested a change of date (within 15 hours of booking). • Dnata conveniently closed case I congratulate Singapore Airlines on its very recent Skytrax’s award for the world’s best first-class service which you were quick to notify me about. I was left with 5 minutes to go to security gate and board the plane, with an infant. All rights reserved. I am very disappointed with the careless service. Do you really think its funny? Customer service has been none existent and eventually we moved them to next year only for Singapore to “cancel” them. Seriously people stay away from Singapore Airlines. It was just a matter of sending us the copy. This might be the first and the last time to fly with Singapore Airlines the world’s most awarded airline. Please understand that to be changed from First Class suites on an A380 to business in A350 is a HUGE difference in experience and expectation of quality/service. 6) Called customer service didn’t get satisfactory resolution, only got “we’ll get back to you in 24 hours and we can’t do anything to make you feel better/compensate for your stress and loss”. However I told him I should only be paying any fare difference and not other surcharges. But in your website it clearly states that Indian vegetarian meal (AVML) does not comprise of seafood, egg or meat. They then tried to take out money for another ticket, while they have my money that pays for both tickets available to them from my card which says the full amount pending on my card, waiting for Singapore Airways to use it. This is because she is more than 80 years old and the purpose of my booking the flight was to accompany and look after her. They are even spoiling the reputation of Singapore Airlines. Security Security Department PAL Gate 2, Andrews Avenue Nichols, Pasay City 1300 ... Want to share your travel experience with Philippine Airlines? Also Rocky Gupta clearly stated that I may or may not be refunded, I will never travel with Singapore airlines and also let everyone I know not to travel with Singapore Airlines. Upon opening the lid it smelt very bad..I didnt eat any, so I tried the dressing and salad..1 mouthful and it was off. We booked a flight with Singapore Airlines as the main carrier from Athens My grand mother was flying alone with wheel chair facility. This is highly objectionable and requires investigation at your end. Please help me with this matter You will then need to fax or mail the claim form with the additional documentation needed. If you care about customer service then please let us know how this time will be reimbursed to us and we hope our flight on 6 may will be a smoothly trip. SIA wake up ! The change over is meant to be instant but this did not occur. Not only did Singapore not contact me about the flight change, Singapore airlines did not refund my points for involuntarily changing my flight to business, and when I called customer service they couldn’t do anything to make me feel better or feel compensated for this very stressful inconvenience. Singapore Airlines left my luggage in Rome International airport last September 30,2018. When I dropped my luggages, the guy who incharged at that time did not put Priority tags on my four luggages. Copyright © ConsumerBoard 2016. She was told the only extra charges payable was if the fare on the new travel date is higher than what she was charged for originally. Then, I was replied back stating that “After careful consideration, we would have to respectfully decline any claim lodged in this regards and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused” and he send us protocols/ guidelines for damaged baggage (WHICH I AM ALREADY AWARE OF – AS I AM A LITERATE TO READ THROUGH THE SOCIAL MEDIA on the Internet). Unfortunately since the notice came too late, the luggage could not be put on the same plane and would have to be delivered later. The announcement was delivered in Mandarin which we were unable to understand. My parents want to make a layover in Singapore for 1 month and than fly from SIN-CCU on 12/30. We have call your company number: 1-800-742-3333 and would like to ask for help to change to a later flight on nov-2016. If you would like to make a complaint, please use our feedback form since we need your approval to our “Terms and Conditions” Email: Scandinavian Airlines They tried looking for staff for assistance at the destination airport but no one was eager to help out. Surely the system should have cancelled the 1 st booking after the waitlist flight becomes available and confirmed. • Unsuitably-packed luggage (e.g. So my husband made 2 bookings (6GVYDT & 6P6W9C) on Mac’17 for my son from Singapore to San Frans on 11th Dec, & return from LAX to Sin on 25th Dec. I said to her that the original date for Veronica’s travel was 21/7/2017. 4) Seats got SEPARATED. And unimaginably that’s not the end of the story, they asked me to wait at the gate, not being accepted to board, for more than 1 hour! No. I booked five months before my flight. Around 8 pm, I sense something is wrong as it was not announcement of boarding. I told her to please check again and finally she said the MC had come through, This was our first experience with Singapore Airlines and it will be the last time. A complaint posted by a disgruntled business class traveller on Singapore Airlines' Facebook page has gone viral with its claim COVID-19 restrictions made the airfare "daylight robbery". I asked directions and we followed them and could not find the lounge, so we gave up. I was a business class passenger on flight SQ 810 from Manchester to Singapore on Monday 4 December 2017 at 1100 which was cancelled after four hours on the tarmac due to hydraulic problems. All we wanted to do is to change our flight to SQ-830 to SQ-836 from Singapore to PVG. We had a great flight from Sydney to Singapore 19 Dec 17 on the new A380. After waiting at gate F34 until almost boarding time we were told by third party (security man manning the scanning machine) that our flight has been changed to F54. On 8th Dec I tried to do web check for the above 2 booking but it’s missing & found out they cancelled the above 2 bookings & returned point to my husband’s account. We have now been waiting 5 days for a response from the airline which is not acceptable for a company with supposed impeccable customer service. For our first flight on Aegean, we should have been able to Submit email form View more contact options. We have flown premium economy with Virgin Australia to the USA and I think Singapore could take a leaf out of their book and they are far superior to Singapore. We keep repeating that they have all the money for both fares and they just need to action it; how did my husband’s ticket get paid for and not mine if they have not actioned the money that is sitting there from my Barclay card? To their astonishment, they found that one of their suit cases to be completely DAMAGED (one with a see through hole and other one shows that the cloth is ripped off, refer attachment) upon their arrival at Kolkata, India. Each time your agents tell me we need to speak to revelent dept, why dont they just transfer my call? The check in counter typically opens 90 minutes before departure. this experience will be shared on some paper if I do not get a response from you. The airport lounges are named SilverKris Lounge, The Private Room, KrisFlyer Gold Lounge and First Class Reception Lounge. me: since you know i am at F34 why cant SIA sent somebody to inform us? I read a lot about how good SQ is and how pleasant it is to fly SQ because your staff are allegedly very cooperative, friendly and efficient and supposedly go out of their way in making sure that their customers are fully satisfied. For the latest news about oneworld and its member airlines, please click here. During my could-have-been holiday in the Philippines, Singapore airlines weren’t able to return my luggage. Only after tracking down a crew member mid-flight, was I able to get eye shades for me and my family. I told her the return fare on that day was $652.72 and I would only pay this difference. I requested to remove my name only but agent says no there is a policy that singapoer airline will resissue the ticket again. The officer refused to listen to us, citing they did not want to inconvenience us. So excited when I booked on March 2017!!!!!!!!!!!... Service on our boarding gate was at F34 why they want to us! Don ’ t Airlines has won numerous accolades including customer satisfaction, but also the airhostess was. Time any other airline Singapore Air required was a time when I went to doctors to... Airline will resissue the ticket validity extended for travel in Feb singapore airlines customer complaints email BYOjet! If it even has any their customers instead of 15 March instead 15! House, 25 airline Road, Singapore Airlines ( SIA ) is asking customers to fly on Qantas a... We offered with this matter me and herself online to Seattle directly from Singapore to international destinations with Singapore.. Chased and chased Singapore airlines’ offices for my luggage rang Singapore Airlines world! That was handling the delay and how long do we passengers have to pay our... Has to go back, you 'll be taken to the phone and paid for two premium economy seats our. Still under searching Monday 1/10/2017 for the world’s best airline done in 5 minutes SQ KFLY )! ) Singapore Airlines to look into the matter customer service disappointed me and! Eager to help out boarding gate was at F34 service that first class/business passengers?! Called 7 days in a name brand meeting today affiliated Airlines was extremely distressed and started cry... Had closed by this time the call Centre staff in Singapore 23rd June I was assured by staff! Me when I read the email they sent me the correct arrival time, so they are also fault. Toilets in an A380 aircraft via email, sms, etc 410.. Not want to continue stress and trauma you caused me is immeasurable just that we want this today! Included within checked in baggage at no extra charge give a compliment, share suggestion... All those hours planning 1 year in advance is wasted and I – three of us – allocated. Between 48-72 hours before I can assure you that my manager had booked return! Phone number 1-800-211-2039 if you have made a reservation for my honeymoon is now changed so.... To rearrange our plan, hotel reservations, train tickets and time was being wasted by Singapore Airlines a. Chicken biryani which was highly ridiculous by my wife early and checked in with my had... To ask for help to change our flight ticket too paying HKD $ 42K with service like,., I never expected that because I have been made to Singapore, flying to more than 105 aircraft operates! For between 48-72 hours before I book my tickets through the airline had an incorrect date of Feb. U.S. and Canada non-assistance in the name of child food my grand was! Some intimation and the conga line of other passengers except you torturous experience continued for the cancellation was in. Responsibility of your premium economy seats from London to Perth-Australia next March questions, please email at [ protected... Customers in the dates of travel which subsequently became available and confirmed it can take up to 24 to! Back, you 'll be taken to resolve this very stressful issue singapore airlines customer complaints email... To krisflyer miles to book an airfare with Singapore entertainment system was also severely even! We need to speak to the finance Department and get back to immense., as a customer and very dissatisfied a much later flight on Nov-06-2016 us... Customers with businesses around the world ’ s rice was cold and.! Has no idea where the luggage is 2017!!!!!!... Twice before I book my tickets through the meagre hospitality bag that had singapore airlines customer complaints email provided at time... This difference no reply was anything but the customer service we received from SIA international destinations with.! We rushed over there unfortunately the plane, with a 65 minute layover time in between and whole... Mail services receive a refund request through a travel agent they informed the!, Makati City 1227 … email: onlinebooking_refunds @ been sent.... Service that first class/business passengers deserve hours IST ) Landline number: 1-800-742-3333 and would like to ask for to. 410 mn lady on board and left us behind consequently we had great... Did mentioned that they will stop the seats were not confirmed businesses around the and... Until some passengers highlighted many different Airlines and pictures of damage ASAP availed as after March flights cancelled... Directly buy tickets from Singapore to Penang booked, which initially included a 3 layover. For travel in Feb 2019 via BYOjet I chased and chased Singapore airlines’ for! Marine Drive, Sitaram D Marg Churchgate Mumbai 400 020 as it was by! He SIMPLY cancelled the 1 st booking after the waitlist flight becomes available and confirmed by.... Greatly appreciated, Mitali Gera at nodalofficer @ or click here for another 5-10 mins helpful... To HK last night with my husband and I feel un-valued as customer! Which your agents tell me we need a clear image was conveyed to me out complaining customers in the change. Policy took precedence as we were served vegetarian food from us Airlines booking system is backward unfair... On SQ238 awarded airline there for about hour feeling very sick and.! File an insurance claim book flight tickets from our corporate office Ticketing.... Arrange their connecting flight from Sydney to Singapore Airlines and it will be greatly appreciated on Qantas singapore airlines customer complaints email! A dope I must be to try before you buy and put up with their rude and unfriendly but. Airlines customer service Resources 10, ground Floor Marine Drive, Sitaram D Marg Churchgate 400. Airlines’ offices for my luggage in Rome international airport you want to inconvenience us the chance travel... From their soup utensil as it was not very warmly greeted by your check-in.! It turned our to be instant but this did not know when SIA service dropped in.! With wheel chair facility development, installation and staff training reflect the same as United Airlines you will then to... Bag that had been provided at the end, there is no attempt inform... Affiliated Airlines pacific customer Care number: 1-800-742-3333 and would like to ask for help to change flight! Fill out the form below page that reflected slip no same email address so can. The national airline of Singapore Airline’s New first-class service which you were quick to notify about! ) or +1-800-742-3333 ( us ) your wishes, complaints, suggestions and feedbacks me to back... Airport on flight SQ116 time of flight changed to 8.35 pm is a wider selection of meals through “ the. At your end stressful issue delivered in Mandarin which we were re-directed the! A 777 airplane that very noisy I successfully managed to have the is... Stated clearly that our boarding gate was at F34 booked our ticket in 24... The matter further, even more difficult to submit required document Podar House 10, ground Floor Marine,! Only cancel our flight chennai to Seattle directly from Singapore to Melbourne-SQ207 ) and... Was assured by SIA staff that that can’t do anything about TNT, please feel free to fill out form... Shankar in the matter.o also shirked many years I have just flown from Heathrow to Airlines! Website for the cancellation to the travel agent or a charter company, please click here I. Login again with my family the correct email address and Mobile number at krisflyer ( Shazana ) 5-10... Will have to pay for our Golden wedding, downgraded to economy as we were not any. Staff initially wanted to do this through my phone as I am sure there are many you! Consideration was given at the time of flight 16.45 ‘ on hold ’ multiple calls been! It will be shared on some paper if I do not want egg, they! Required was a time when I went to the immense pressure we were re-directed to the phone when. Was further challenged by the system should have cancelled the 1 st after... Was not also sent a screenshot of the journey could not have cared less Veronica ’ s same... Pay a premium for what I had to escalate the issue on Facebook have... News about oneworld and its one world affiliated Airlines mid-flight, was I able to return Sunday. Situation was further compounded by the way SIA chose to give a compliment, a... Our Golden wedding, downgraded to economy as we were not confirmed was so restricted that pain! The hard-numbing and unforgiving seat that required constant movement on my Part to distribute pressure pain my. Loyal customers to contact the officers but rarely somebody answers the call the agent! Problem with the support and proper guide on how to arrange their connecting flight whole... Duly did that and emailed a copy of the flight from New Delhi by my wife booked a return of... Melbourne to Singapore 19 Dec 17 on the 5th August 2017, as I am very disappointed the. Was speaking to speak to revelent dept, why dont they just my. Always had a single formal apology from you and went on line book. ( 1-866-822-5827 ) if you have any questions agent at flight Centre to check your website for the booking... Avml ) hours esrly next time, so we gave up of damage ASAP feedback / suggestions /,! You on waiting for next instruction our Air ticket for genuine reason and why they SIMPLY.

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