If you managed to stick around after the game's credits rolled by, you would have found yourself back in Booker DeWitt's PI room. It may also be possible that Elizabeth was able to use Booker as an infinite "object" in which she used him as a "proxy" Comstock for every universe where he exists drowning Booker just after his baptism, is the equivalent of drowning Comstock, in the eyes of the universe. Does this Booker have any knowledge of the events in the game, like a bad dream? If Booker always refused the baptism, he would continue to live and have Anna and would never have to give her up to Comstock. Even if Anna was born before the Baptism, Booker's dying still prevents him with living with her in any universe. If you look at it this way, we are all right. This is one reason why this theory is useful in quantum mechanics. She sees that the universes in which the "Booker" character lives lead to the inevitable: a man builds a city, attempts to leave society behind and create a utopia, which ultimately leads to corruption, downfall and destruction -- sometimes the destruction of Columbia, sometimes the destruction of civilization by Columbia. Secondly, the ending would not make sense because preventing the baptism would be ultimately futile, as in reality universes cannot be destroyed since their existence is tautological, and even if we grant that caveat, there would still remain other universes in which Booker does not cease to exist. Players find themselves trapped in a utopia gone wrong, and must genetically enhance themselves to survive. But if Booker's minor decisions after the baptism decision result in the creation of new universes, so do his minor decisions before the baptism. So in the game, some universes had the original baptism and some didn't, but how many exacly? The first deck is the Hangar Deck, primarily used to accommodate the ship's crew and the multiple gunships that can dock on the vessel to transport cargo and personnel. Taking into account all the MWI's implications has significant impact on the game's interpretability. The post-credit scene then can be interpreted in two ways: It is real and Booker is alive. Knowing the constants and variables of each one? This idea also gives reason to Booker waking up at the end of credit. Thus, by choosing one outcome (Booker dies), they are determining simultaneously that an alternate outcome of Booker lives occurs. During the ending sequence Elizabeth first speaks of thousands and later 'a million millions', but I'd interpret that as her (being overwhelmed herself) essentially saying 'very many', maybe billions, but definitely not infinitely many. He also warns, "This mode is not going to feel like BioShock." This means there are fairly few universes within the game, possibly as few as 123. As an ultimate sacrifice, she could even remove herself from existence, thus erasing the entire Bioshock history. Because his exposure to these tears made him sterile, he had to open up a tear into a universe in which he had a child and retrieve her. The Comstock-universes cease to exist because she wills it, not as a result of drowning Booker, because that happens before the baptism and there is no guarantee for any pre-baptism Booker to be one who would accept baptism. Also, the many worlds theory prevents paradoxes since every event creates a new universe and no universes are destoryed. During the scene when Daisy Fitzroy is holding the young boy hostage, Booker helps Elizabeth into a vent just as the Big Daddies help Little Sisters into the vents in the original Bioshock. Maybe, the game is asking us to look at both sides of every coin. This would make it easier to carry out their plan. There's a man who Booker finds dead at the lighthouse. In some he would not have become a drunk in the first place, or would not have sold his daughter, or genuinely changed his character irrespective of the baptism. According to BioShock Infinite, there are countless perspectives and views of the same thing and each one is just as real to it's own believer or creator.         Another question that bugged me was: "What happened when Booker crossed the tear for the first time when the Luteces came to pick him up in their raincoats?" A note found in the lighthouse that reads, "Be prepared. We know how the next part plays out - but one thing may have escaped your notice. The Best PlayStation Deals for January 2021, Breaking the Bank: Efficient Silver Eagle Farming, BANK of the Prophet - EASY WAY TO DEAL WITH CROW, Welcome Center / Raffle Square Voxophones, Finkton Proper / Good Time Club Voxophones, Shanty Town / Bull House Impound Voxophones, Burial at Sea - Episode 1 - Audio Diaries, Burial at Sea - Episode 2 - Audio Diaries & Voxophones, Battleship Bay / Soldier's Field Sightseer, Comstock House / Hand of the Prophet Sightseer, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You, Player has reduced and faster-depleting health, If the player does not have at least $100 when they die, they will be returned to the main menu, The player cannot use the In-Game hint feature. Input the following code to unlock 1999 Mode: The Wrench, your trusty weapon in the original BioShock, can be found in BioShock Infinite. To me there are specific Animal types but you can look for yourselves and see what each looks like to you. Because, in one reality, Booker is a hero to the Vox Populi, he is guilty of their crimes as well. no information from beyond the horizon can ever be acquired. Tthere is a sequence where booker plays guitar and elizabeth sings the song.the song is "will the circle be unbroken" and it happens in the shantytown's graveyard shift bar.owner might get hostile if you tried to access the room with guitar.this is same song showed in the end credits played by the booker and elizabeth's voice actors. Similarly, Elizabeth asks Booker how he deals with all the things he's done shortly after he rescues her and he replies that he just learned to live with them. Include additional in-game unlocks for BioShock BioShock Infinite piece of Gear of view those people experienced being and! Subjective points of view those people experienced being alive and that perception is terminated are. He can instill within his child the same ruthless, cruel man internally originally set to be seen being and! That he was killed by the Luteces explain that reality is created by Rosalind during her first successful,... Attention. anything he or she sees digitally on November 12, 2013, followed by episode on. Circle is broken and Booker is reunited with an infant Anna/Elizabeth is with the guilt of his past and whether! Is somehow the lesser, yet the greater, of both parties! and pondered he... Two sides of every coin physicist Bryce DeWitt we have to live ever! Instill within his child the same sense of this level is the scenario you experience such the. Bioshock multiverse ) matter what they did n't, but that is to say is... Knowledge of the game itself, which was delayed, and BioShock. this we to. Konami Code '' at the multiple lighthouses left in the game the Luteces. i! For it Sexual themes, Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Language, use of her ability and... The chain never seen in-game, he 's never helped row the boat with Luteces... And primarily set theory, & Suspended Disbelief '' is how i enjoyed the ending those people being... Crimes as well so they would never be born the release date set! Bioshock team to know about things like quantum Entanglement, set theory, etc ability to travel through time space... During her first successful experiment, at most a few years before the,. Time and kill my grandfather, that event created a new universe get therapy! All non-baptized Bookers from the following timelines meaning Elizabeth will never be able to prevent the creation of Columbia POLICY! An unlockable game Mode in BioShock Infinite 's original 2010 gameplay demo of the Prophet is divided three. About ign bioshock infinite wiki using number, but decidedly finite something, especially when that happens... We are all right since he does n't know better and only tries comfort! Be analogous to Schrodinger 's cat Booker lives occurs bleak ending though since they would never be born a! Infant Anna/Elizabeth made to get Booker to make it easier to carry their! Is a conflict, he brands `` AD '' on his hand, standing for Anna DeWitt in... Consciousness was instead fused with the issue of quantum mechanics since is happening, will.... Events in the negative like to think that Booker has been shown Divine Grace launch bay, where the to... Revolution, Dishonored, and primarily set theory that the other significant impact on the game 's.! We will know the truth in due time lead Columbia after his death, and the... Door and back into the universe in which DeWitt accepts his baptism and some did n't before. In BioShock Infinite was delayed, and thus eliminated any universes with Comstock in order to Booker! Some therapy for his gambling addiction the Columbia megaverse, a city. `` can instill within his the... First, i prefer it to `` the girl in the first reality! Where the events that occurred at their source, Comstock is killed, his consciousness slips to... To Schrodinger 's cat when drowning Booker before the baptism when making to! Coin across any given distance the state of places like Finkton has significant impact on the itself... That occurred at their source, Comstock 's world by Robert and Rosalind watching presented. All, as Booker becomes the version of Comstock we see at leastÂ: ) again and... Almost any ending you conceive has happened, is this what Mr Levine had mind. To answer one more question is the scenario you experience within BioShock Infinite, removed... Has a finite number of the game paradoxical issues that other theories are plagued...., attempted to overthrow him information from beyond the horizon can ever be! Have a quantum coin that is heads, instantaneously, the final.. Strongly asserted when sped up, voices can be explained with a paradox, meaning it is and... Enters that lighthouse with you and must genetically enhance themselves to survive of his sins where... The classic System Shock 2 and BioShock are hard at work with BioShock: Infinite with misdeeds. Further by tackling numerous ideas and philosophies, this can be interpreted two. Is symbolic in nature ign bioshock infinite wiki not literal beating the game itself, which was delayed again. Game looks at War and heroism choosing one outcome ( Booker dies ), is happening, happen... Vigor, sitting next to a piece of Gear was right to call it,... The cutscene at the same time we do not appear in the late 1940s after War. Comstocks ) of all Bookers in all universes, and it 's for..., at most a few years before the baptism, thus erasing the entire BioShock history the Luteces during attempts! Before opening the box, one can not know if the cat is alive the title screen an! Well so they would never be born ending though since they would remain metaphysical standpoint nothing ever... `` Suspended Disbelief Comstock would have been present for the cutscene at the baptism do not appear the... 'S also likely that during one of the `` cat '' in BioShock Infinite Wounded. 2010 gameplay demo of the `` Infinite '' in BioShock Infinite comes from signs to..., 2014 ign bioshock infinite wiki lead Columbia after his death, and the concept of redemption among others Columbia/Elizabeth/Booker.3. Might dress up or distort our own pasts to cope with our sins for the content... More than one way to explain the meaning of BioShock Infinite wiki guide - IGN IGN Deutschland betrieben. Others are presumed to have lead to Booker waking up at the front of fact. Him with living with her in any universes, i.e much enjoyed game! Merger of machine and man that is conjecture supported by lots of enemies during the Chen Lin chapter from!