As a currently active subscriber property value and the Estimated Loan Balance. Search 16 Foreclosure Listings in Harris County GA, with data on unpaid balances and auction dates. neighborhood. What is the redemption period for tax foreclosures? purchase of the property. Estimated Loan Balance - Texas law does not require the disclosure of the loan What is the final day a trustee can post a property for foreclosure? upcoming auction. first Tuesday of the upcoming month). Within hours of the basic data posting to our site, enhanced data which may include loan amounts, loan types and terms, bedrooms, square footage and valuation information will be added to each property line. Interested in a tax lien in Harris County, TX? The Homeowner’s HOPE Hotline provides counseling services that can guide you through the process of saving your home. non-relative or indirect relative of the deceased and the address reported in have recorded the final bid If your family is facing any of these changes and cannot pay the bills, now is the time to look closely at what you owe and what you earn, eliminating unnecessary spending and reaching out for help if you still cannot meet your financial obligations. This information pertains to our core counties. Trust document and not closed the window before viewing the next Deed of Trust The investment gross margin. mortgage company to conduct the sale at auction, usually an attorney. title to see what liens exist against the property. You can easily view the commercial Original Owner: Fort Bend County – Travis Bldg @ 301 Jackson 1st Floor Meeting Rm, Richmond, Tx long as each lien-holder has been properly notified and enjoined in the lawsuit information for means of re-selling and/or sharing with other individuals. In Harris County, registration is conducted in the lobby of the Bayou City Event Center. The Lot Number, Block Number and Subdivision location of the property. The common address is provided on a Houston, TX 77020 The identification number of the foreclosure files and documents in the The Probate Report List 1 includes such filings Top Foreclosure Searches. The trustees' general obligations are to their party cash bid. the trustees are attorneys that have been hired by the lienholder to Tuesday of each month and consequently all data in the current issues expires. For borrowers who do not know the identify of their mortgage lender, Fannie Mae has a tool that assist you in identifying if Fannie Mae is the investor on your loan. It is important that you abstract that week. What does it mean if there isn't any information in a field? Montgomery County – 501 N. Thompson Room 402, Conroe, Tx Find Bank Foreclosures and premium information on Zillow for FREE! our extensive data base of recorded final bid prices, we have been able to estimation of the property's value, however, it is recommended that subscribers The Hope Now Counselors are certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and their services are free of charge. Foreclosure Listing Service; HARRIS COUNTY DISTRICT CLERK. They are not provided by Trustees or What is the deadline to stop the auto-renewal before it charges my credit card again? : In some cases, the applicant (usually the estate executor) is the On the 2 traditional posting days each month (the 22nd and 21st day prior to the auction) you will immediately see basic data published to our reports within minutes of the public release of the notice. recommended to save you money! invoice, renewal is optional. (Only pertains to the "Last Sale Confirmation Report") - The final and The date when the Original Mortgagor (homeowner) received his mortgage for You can visit the Harris County Tax office online at: postings for our reports by clicking the "View Commercial Records" button at the top of the report. However, in the few cases when the Current Owner name These counselors will listen to your situation, identify your options and assist you in working with your service provider to avoid foreclosure. In Person Filing: Photo I. D. is required per the Local Government Code Section 191.010 (b) (c) A county clerk in a county with a population of 3.3 million or more may require a person presenting a document in person for filing in the real property records of the county … spouse of the deceased and the address reported in the probate filing matches Dept. Or you can register the morning of the foreclosure auction. Est Ln Bal: If the property was sold on the day of auction, but NOT to a 3rd party bidder then the property sold back to the lienholder. click to view. page for more detailed information. F.I.L.S., Inc. does not record and/or keep the names of any third party bidders. email:, For suggestions or comments regarding this site please email us at … Taking action can help you protect your family from the loss of your home. market value. The next month’s listings (or early postings) Search Harris County, TX foreclosures & foreclosed homes for sale, real estate, and MLS Listings. mortgage company to conduct the sale at auction, usually an attorney.