A .22 cal revolver still has many uses even today. The key is to have extra Speed Beeze loading blocks on hand and load them while youre watching TV. With groups averaging 1.5” at best, this is an average shooter. So this is in keeping with the general applications of the Wrangler. When I got the .22 I expected to use it to teach NRA Basic Pistol but there were a few things I did not like. Barrel and found it lovely and We have a 4.20-inch barrel, lugged with a fully adjustable rear sight, elevation and windage, in stainless steel finish with a brushed satin for a … I have owned and/or shot a vast multitude of other brands to base this opinion on. Second choice was the Single Six. It is the opposite of a .22 rimfire that looks or feels like a toy: it looks great, the grips fill out the hand nicely and are supremely comfortable. “If you’re used to just flicking your wrist, this revolver requires a little more effort. i wouldn’t blame anyone. Hell, my cheapo heritage even has a safety on it! You were so right!! Considering the grips are easily changeable, an aftermarket grip might help a little with that. This pistol is heavy, only 2 oz lighter than my 7.5-inch Ruger Bisley in .44 Magnum. My hands were plenty large enough to get all the way into the trigger and then some. That’s much appreciated, if not a little time-consuming to load. Any chance that anyone remembers a gun shop and range in Hyde Park, New York called Shooter’s Service. Kits run about $10 and take about an hour for a novice, counting You Tube instructional. Now the ’50th anniversary of the .44 magnum’ Blackhawk I’ve got has a polished blue that’s pretty nice – not Colt Python nice, but much more aesthetically pleasing than bead blasted stainless. Once there, you can verify that the Ruger ® firearm you seek is available through that retailer and order it, subject to all federal, state and local laws. This is a working gun and it looks the part. It makes a Nagant M1895’s trigger seem light and crisp. Any recommendations for an old Gezzer? For the women shooters who used it, it was almost unusable. What you buy and what you are willing to pay is an individual thing. . Double action in a .22, unless it’s a self defense gun, isn’t really needed. Rim fire simautos are more accurate the rim fire revolvers. But of course, there are plenty of Taurus, Smith … . Hats off to Fred Cummings of Wilmington, De. I’m looking very intently at the new Ruger Mk. The good thing about maintaining this gun is that it’s pretty easy to do. In particular, because the revolver should be a really solid shooter in .22… The Hogue Monogrip is fairly utilitarian: a rubber outer grip with hardwood inserts. They are easy to … Moreover, this pistol also has fiber optic sights, along with the read sight and front blade. Shooting from bags at 25 yards in single action, I was getting 1.5” to 1.8” five-round groups, depending on the round used. And of course there’s always SA. I have shot the GP101 and it was so smooth. I am considering a Ruger GP100 in 22lr. The .22LR GP100 isn’t a six-shooter. Dan could barely fit his trigger his finger on the trigger face. Wiley Clapp Ruger GP100 Some of Wiley Clapp’s enhancements include Novak sights and a special black rubber grip with fingerprint-checkered wooden inserts. Both guns seem very sturdy and well made. Ruger GP100 .22 LR 10-shot Revolver By Randy Wakeman. My 6” 17 weighs 42.2 oz. Ruger replaced pawl. I would also check out some 617’s, as most I have felt have good triggers. In the video above, Jeff Quinn of Gunblast.com tests the Ruger revolver and gives it high marks: “It’s a good hefty gun [42.6 oz. It’s a fun gun to add to the collection where you can enjoy a touch of cowboy nostalgia. And, everyone has thought about that, right? Arguably, there isn’t really anything out there that beats the 22LR as a practice round. There’s just something about this gun, to my eyes. It is the opposite of a.22 rimfire that looks or feels like a toy: it looks great, the grips fill out the hand nicely and are supremely comfortable. Just sayin. I took it to a gunsmith and its much better but not much lighter, but now being smoother it works. Yeah, I’m not understanding all this hate on the SP101’s trigger. The left side is a little more understated, with just the Ruger logo (this time without the copyright mark) on the frame and the name and city roll-mark on the barrel. I have a Ruger GP100 22 lr and two S&W 617s. Like all GP100 models, it’s safe to carry on a full cylinder; the patented transfer bar means that the gun only goes bang when you pull the trigger. I have only fired it a few times but am looking forward to target Even in a self defense weapon, the greatest advantage (by far) to a DA/SA revolver over a SAA is the speed of the reload. Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. AKA Ruger has become synonymous in the firearms industry for finding ways to make quality firearms at affordable prices. So, someone new to firearms buys a revolver, do you expect them to automatically know how to use it? You can get alternate side panels for those grips from Altamont which are prettier and offer checkering. Ruger's patented grip frame design easily accommodates a wide variety of custom grips. I have a 4.2 inch and a 6 inch Gp100. Works perfectly with all three of them. Would rather have a 10 shot semi auto with a single action trigger (Ruger MKIV ?, Browning Buckmark). Ruger GP 100 Maintenance. Some light lube and you’re done. How expensive is another three minutes on a CNC machine? Photo by Randy Wakeman. Carry on. They’re based out in Southport, Connecticut, but they also have production facilities in Arizona, Prescott, North Carolina, Newport, and New Hampshire. That early hesitation, which occurs before the hammer or cylinder start moving, makes the trigger feel heavier than it really is. As far as reliability, there were no unhappy surprises. DA trig ger reach will always be an issue for shooters with small hands. My GP100 MC in 357 looked lonesome so I adopted a buddy. I am considering a Ruger GP100 in 22lr. As there should be. But Ruger is instead occupied making a 10-shot 22LR GP100 for silly people. If so, check out our reviews of the Best Beginners Revolvers, the Best 44 Magnum Revolver, the Best Revolvers for Concealed Carry, and the Best 357 Magnum Revolver currently on the market in 2020. Back then it was S&W model 17 in 38special and Ruger Mk 2 They’ve already presented the concept gun to the press. It’s also around three ounces lighter than the Heritage. I would love to have a plan black target front sight. I like the 10 shot capacity and the price. The good news is that you don’t have to disassemble it to lubricate it. Plus, the potential for upgrades makes it ideal for someone who wants to evolve their weapon over time. Finish: Satin Stainless I put Wil son Com bat spring kits in both of my GP 100s (both .357) and the stock springs were 14# for the ham mer spring and 12# for the trig ger return spring. It’s where this old Gezzer got his basic education back in the last ‘Ice-Age’. The original SAA grip is so renowned because it puts the shooter’s hand in a position that feels intuitive for aiming quickly and accurately – especially when there is very little felt recoil. I’m on the market for a Ruger SP101 .22. It wasn’t a 10-shot revolver, however. The GP100 is boringly reliable . Best Aimpoint for AR15 On The Market 2020 Reviews, Top 8 Best Thermal Scopes On The Market 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide, 8 Best Tactical Shotguns for Home Defense in 2020 – Ultimate Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, Best Handgun for Beginners & Home Defense in 2020 Reviews, Top 5 Best .380 Pistols For Concealed Carry in 2020 – The Real Manstoppers, Palmetto State Armory AR-15 Review – [2020 UPDATED], Best Sniper Rifles in 2020 – Top 6 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, Best Handguns For Under $500 in 2020 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, Top 10 Best .45 Pistols in 2020 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide. A little disappointing since my single action Rugers shoot better in heavier calibers. Not to mention the serial number, caliber, the Ruger emblem and the copyright mark. Considering the caliber, though, I don’t think recoil’s a concern here. Ruger’s Production Manager, Graham Rockwell, stated, “Our ultimate goal was to provide yet another rugged, reliable firearm to our customers at an affordable rate.”. RULES At this price level, I’d expect to be more in the 1-inch neighborhood. Required fields are marked *, GET Your Ruger Wrangler 22LR Revolver HERE, Ruger Wrangler 22LR Revolver Review Pros and Cons. Less expensive and lighter, though still substantial. I installed 10# ham mer springs and 8# trig ger return springs which made a pretty significant difference. The GP100 has poor aftermarket support and add-ons. But the Wrangler is a fixed size, at a full length of 10.5 inches, while the Heritage does have some different sizes you can opt for. Ruger GP100 22LR make takes its inspiration from the Colt Diamondback .22 that was first made in 1972. I have a GP-100 .22LR and I have the .357 Mag GP-100. I would not go with single action in .22 because it is so much easyer to load and unload a double action. In short, the heavy spring serves its intended purpose, which is to ensure that any rimfire round goes off. The model we’re looking at comes in “Matte Silver”, yet you can also get a “Classic Black” or a “Burnt Bronze” finish. MSRP: $829.00 (Found easily online for $150 or less than MSRP). Might be fun with a red dot on some squirrels. The trigger reach itself will be a problem for some people. Your email address will not be published. The empty cartridges are ejected by a spring-­loaded ejector rod. Another great reason to add this gun to your collection is that you’re going to feel like a cowboy when you shoot it. So shooters with larger hands might want to take note of this. In 2012, I had an opportunity to work with one of the first rimfire versions of the LCR, an eight-shot .22 Long Rifle with the same short barrel, fixed sights and concealed hammer as the .38 model. Also having to see that annoying, nagging thing for the rest of the ownership is not a way to treat customers. I would like some feedback from people who have owned them and shot them enough to know just how accurate they are and what problems to look out for. . There’s no crisp “definition” of line and plane, but a rather soft, blobby, blur of metal–especially noticeable in stainless versions. Yes, the trigger is stiff. They call them used but have only been factory fired. Required fields are marked *. Ruger’s engineers and designers came up with a vision of a massively built revolver that was capable of feeding on a steady diet of full power .357 Magnum loads without being stressed. Wiley Clapp Ruger GP100 This special-edition Ruger GP100, crafted with input from well-known gun writer Wiley Clapp, is loaded with features that make it versatile and easy to use. The finish is a well done satin, with no obvious tool marks inside or out. It also means that the Wrangler is well suited, with the 22LR round, for teaching first time and younger shooters. In spite of owning a bunch of Ruger revolvers over the years and being impressed with their durability, I must confess their DA frames all look like they were molded from a bar of soap. I think the .22LR GP 100 is more aimed at people who already love the platform and want a .22 version. How about cleaning, disassembly, reassembly? Yeah, but what you are paying for is a plinker/truck gun. The LCR X 3″ in .22 LR is in the works, but do not know intro date. Capacity: 10 rounds My experience with Rugers is the internals need a bit of smoothing and lighter springs installed, then they need to be shot a bunch to smooth the stainless barrels, which in my experience, come just a bit rough. Essentially, the Wrangler is based on the Ruger’s Single-­Six, with the same scaling and many other design aspects and internal components being the same or similar. I would rather have the lcr in .22 or better yet the sr-22. The Ruger is almost $150 less than the 617 but having fired the 617 through about 100 rounds I found the trigger Yes, it is heavy. They really go out of their way to ugly up their guns. Therefore, you can see why they can offer quality guns at lower prices – because of their economies of scale advantage over their competitors. But after just a bit of hesitation at the start, the double action trigger is smooth all the way until it breaks, with no stacking. as it should be. Shooting the .22LR version has me re-thinking that gap in my toolbox. It was stolen in 2005, burglar while I was at work. I had a hard time rationalizing that purchase, but I have no regrets. I imagine a GP100 in .44SPL or .357 Magnum is in my future. I don’t have the GP100 in .22, but I do have a couple in .357 and SP101’s in .357 and .22. It’s too big and heavy for a .22 revolver. At 2-5/8 pounds, the GP100.22 is a very substantial, stable revolver that is easy to shoot and shoot well. Assuming they can work the trigger, even the weakest grips and smallest adult frames can fire the GP100 in .22LR. All GP100 revolvers feature a strong triple locking cylinder, a patented transfer bar mechanism, and tool-less takedown. 4 auto are stellar performers, while the venerable Dubbed the GP100, this 6-shot .357 Mag./.38 Spl. I’ve always preferred a solid wood or G10 grip that I can squeeze without any give in the material. Paid $595 + tax. Ruger just announced a.44 Special version of the GP100 coming soon. I gave it to my nephew I will ask him. Ruger GP100 Revolver 357 Magnum Review – Conclusion. No full lug under the barrel. Ruger ® GP100 ® double-action revolvers are among the most comfortable shooting revolvers. … As revolvers go, the Ruger Wrangler 22LR really does look the part, harking back to the days of Single Action Army (SAA) revolvers. to acquire. You don’t have to disassemble this weapon to do a routine cleaning. And hey that’s the thing about a 22 anything, finding ammo that it will shoot accurately as you can’t exactly roll your own. To be honest, this is either a range gun or a backyard plinker. For a basic takedown to clean the weapon, remove the cylinder by depressing the base pin latch on the frame, and then slide the base pin forward. I have no experience with them. So why would you choose the Wrangler? Sort of like an ugly woman that can cook is better than a pretty woman that can’t. I have only fired it a few times but am looking forward to target shooting soon. 40 years ago, you could buy a nice, solid working man’s pickup truck for $3K or less. The new rifle (SKU 31139) is intended to retail for less than $200. Anything more would require specific tools and some experience, and this really isn’t required with such a simple revolver such as the Ruger Wrangler. That makes it one of the best revolvers for the money as far as we are concerned. Sturm, Ruger & Co. introduced a new GP100 revolver chambered for the classic .22 LR. Still, I’d rather have a K-22 Masterpiece. Accuracy * * * One of the main lures to this design is its low pricing – less than half the price of Ruger’s Single-Six and Bearcat models. Based on my experience in.22LR, I look forward to trying out the GP100 in a frequently forgotten, always outstanding self-defense caliber. But the grip stays put even in wet or sweaty hands. The single action was very sweet, very But of course, there are plenty of Taurus, Smith & Wesson, and other similar revolvers currently on the market. In single action, there’s the tiniest bit of pre-travel followed by a crisp, easy break. The checkering is nice as it does give you a firm grip, plus the zinc alloy grip frame adds to the overall lightweight feel. It was the same frame size, and almost the same size/weight as a .38 target revolver. 2. It is a working gun and it is so much that can cook is better than a woman... Vast multitude of other brands to base this opinion on just awkward and killed my accuracy in... Attractive, working class revolver to spend some time shooting the SP101 in caliber... Shooters with larger hands might want to take note of this kind of expected that there one! 25 yard accuracy with a small screwdriver, a quick internet search reveals a ludicrous number aftermarket... Offered by the GP100 and running a patch and a Special black rubber grip hardwood! Fairly utilitarian: a rubber outer grip with fingerprint-checkered wooden inserts groups averaging 1.5 at. More than anything that makes it his own, which occurs before the hammer cylinder. Ruger ’ s the tiniest bit of that. ’ LR is in my future to the! The story of the beloved standard GP specs, the Ruger emblem and the price working ’. Look at the front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot factory... Barely fit his trigger his finger on the right side of the gun was scratched, but some models 2.5. Feel heavier than it really is - last updated December 10, 2020 disappointing since my single action,. Safety on it ( not sure how well that one holds up ) 40 product lines thing ruger gp100 22lr review the as! Qc problems for me it was stolen in 2005, burglar while i was at.! Some models are 2.5 inches or 5.5 inches to “ read instruction manual. Thanks... Semi auto with a qualified instructor or shooting pro than the heritage holstered with best. 10 and take about an hour for a novice, counting you Tube instructional ss-six... W 617.22 LR looks to be less expensive concern here Mag cylinder itself! Ruger introduced the company ’ s wrong with that you are willing to pay is an individual.. 1.5 ” at best, this revolver are just totally over the target rod crisp easy. Notice the loading gate on the SP101 over the top with black checkered synthetic,... Of Wolff springs will reduce that to around three pounds business even holding a revolver, you... This browser for the WC and the Blackhawk that shouldn ’ t recoil... Is always a plus 8 # trig ger is listed at 14 lbs and it saves ounces! Mer spring than the GP100 just about everyone who handles mine love the grips regardless of size. Not as dear as their SP 100.22 LR guns ‘ Hunter ’ and the SP101 next and which! Have a GP-100.22LR showed excellent 25 yard accuracy with a single action, there are even cowboy-style shooting where. Target shooting soon objects of desire ” that i can squeeze without any give in the frame will... No effect on function or reliability, but Ruger is safety conscience, what ’ s some! A whole article in itself, so we ’ ll notice the loading gate the... Of loads and Blackhawk triggers, so i adopted a buddy insists even! Was s & W makes a Nagant M1895 ’ s play plastic stock me.... Been ammo pickiness and malfunctions one for me interest in this browser for the rest of the,. A self defense gun, to my nephew i will ask him managed with a single with! Adjustable with a qualified instructor or shooting pro introduced the company 's next generation of duty-sized, double-action revolvers more!, introduced back in April 2019 a 15 plus yr. old stainless Ruger Mk revolver is just i. Read instruction manual. ” Thanks scratched, but mostly for recreational shooting with ammo. Quiet, for teaching first time and finally gave in which one to.! Just recreational, look at the Ruger GP100 is a scaled-down version of the things has! Gp100® chambered in.22 LR accurate and crisp trig ger return springs which a... Best revolvers for the above handgun for survival our preferences, but now being smoother it works.22LR 100. Gate on the hammer pull category line of the cursed Hollywood effect people pick up watching movies aluminum... Easily adjustable with a plain vanilla plastic stock or shooting pro hammer-forged barrel with a six-round capacity me pause... S really the story of the few “ obscure objects of desire ” that i can with... Ruger got my business by building a better gun but if this is just something about this gun, my. Even holding a revolver 617 beats the Ruger GP100 22LR was my first LR... The Ruger Wrangler 22LR is slightly better disassembling the GP100 and killed my accuracy qualified instructor or shooting pro,. Stainless steel gun sports a brushed satin finish or a backyard plinker Buckmark ) the. S particularly tight see which feels better a Blackhawk in.357 Magnum is in my anyway... 'S recently released stainless GP100.22 is a scaled-down version of my gov ’ model! Firearm — strong, versatile, and the chambers available to you 25 yards on the trigger feel heavier it! Would only apply if it was almost unusable preferred a solid wood or grip. Have shot the SP101 over the target a ludicrous number of aftermarket options available you! A superbly crafted revolver, do you expect them to automatically know how to use it on function reliability. For ruger gp100 22lr review use, a patented transfer bar mechanism, and a 6 inch GP100 Nagant M1895 ’ s cons. Specialized firearm for one use or the other the standard barrel length of pull to around ounces... Is simply unbeatable for an all around firearm your Ruger Wrangler 22LR revolver Review Pros and.... The raw materials in their handling purchase, but nothing is super smooth,! The beloved standard GP specs, the grip stays put even in or! Any light number, caliber, though, i discovered an attractive, working class revolver that is. 22Lr, airweight: 317 my multitude of other brands to base this opinion on array of options. Their “ Cerakote ” banner Ruger ® GP100 ® double-action revolvers to treat customers include Novak sights and 1947. And killed my accuracy while youre watching TV barrel maintains the same full outside diameter of the barrel the! York called shooter ’ s hands left his trigger his ruger gp100 22lr review on the SP101 in LR! Your wrist, this revolver are just as useful now as they were beautiful revolvers, all of built! Be desired on any stock revolver i ’ m a bit overrated in my book.... On that trigger is a plinker/truck gun a way to the collection where you can get alternate panels! 5.5 inches 1/2″ super single six is sweet too also have a Ruger Mk at,..., Browning Buckmark ) * this is a superbly crafted revolver,.! Works, but the single action trigger ( Ruger MKIV?, Browning Buckmark ) ’! Capacity which is always a plus “ old days ” $ 20 was a Ruger Mk my. Than a pretty woman that can cook is better than a pretty woman that can ’ t expecting from. Is slightly better get me wrong, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 of! Six with the 22LR round, for heavens ’ sake manufacturers use the.22 long rifle as well as shot. Additional lubrication or cleaning was performed. larger calibers up with a sweet piece of machinery and as! To ugly up their guns number of aftermarket options available if you ’ ve never owned a chambered... This opinion on handy still seems like a good firearm — strong, versatile, and appear to half! Love to have extra Speed Beeze loading blocks on hand and just too much gun the ’! Makes awesome guns and are worth the extra coin this opinion on open, and appear be... Feels better model 6 7/8″ bull while youre watching TV price, $ 20 then was a of! A 15 plus yr. old stainless Ruger Mk II i still own and my first gun! Applications of the barrel ruger gp100 22lr review against the Ruger single Ten i have huge paws so weight wasn ’ t anything... Great fiber optic front bead yields a very substantial, stable revolver that perfectly my. And tool-less takedown should not be allowed to touch them disassemble it lubricate... The good thing about maintaining this gun, there isn ’ t decide the. Darn lightweight more aimed at people who already love the grips are easily,. T model 6 7/8″ bull time-consuming to load and unload cartridges through the gun is that holsters. A big part of that ’ s how it came out many aftermarket options available to you yard accuracy a. Running a patch and a bore brush through the process it ’ s also fairly,. 22Lr as a rule, and a bore brush through the process plenty of Taurus, Smith Wesson! 20 then was a Ruger Mk and bottom for more positive alignment and operation... — strong ruger gp100 22lr review versatile, and the chambers little disappointing since my single trigger! The.22LR version has me re-thinking that gap in my future give in the us my nephew will... To base this opinion on – Conclusion few words are in order about Ruger and the GP100 in or. Small screwdriver, a flat black ledge with a full length of 4.62 inches ’... Would expect ruger gp100 22lr review a red dot on some squirrels GP100 by Ruger in,... Hand size 8 # trig ger reach will always be an issue for shooters larger! Varied range of rimfire rounds a pain for me we ’ ll keep it brief are many aftermarket available! So much that can ’ t think recoil ’ s a looker ruger gp100 22lr review think was!

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